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We Wins the Outstanding Innovation Product Award!

  On September 24th, the three-day 25th Ice Cream China Expo came to a successful conclusion at the Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. This event, often referred to as the "industry's Spring Festival Gala," witnessed the remarkable presence of Foodprinttech at booth N1-849. For the food printing industry, many people do not know that ice cream can still be printed, but our company's products have been sold on the market for several years and have a certain influence in the market. By attending exhibitions, we can better understand the impression of our customers on our company. First of all, we can understand the customer's needs from the customer, and then make a sales plan according to the customer's demand. When we see what our competitors are selling, we can learn from them. Of course, the most important thing is to find good ways to promote our company's products. Therefore, by participating in the exhibition, we can not only communica
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Welcome to 134th China Import and Export Fair!

Welcome to 134 th  China Import and Export Fair The 134 th  Canton Fair is scheduled to open on October 15, featuring more outstanding attending experience, more highlights of advanced manufacturing in China, more premium international resources and a diversified range of high-quality supporting activities. Please click the following link for online attendance and more business opportunities at Canton Fair: Wuhan Sino Joinsun Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. will participate in the 134 th   Canton Fair; the display page is . We sincerely invite you to visit our page. For more details about services, please visit    or contact Canton Fair Call Centre, Tel:13296536732 ; E-mail:

Welcome to China Ice Cream and Frozen Food Industry Expo 2023!

 Sinojoinsun's affiliated company will go to Tianjin from September 22nd to September 24th to participate in China Ice Cream and Frozen Food Industry Expo, this time we will bring our popular food printers to show you what kind of sparks will be generated by the collision of food printing and ice products. Before that, we cooperated with domestic and national well-known enterprises. There are also many successful cases of printing on ice cream. Looking forward to seeing you at the show! The 2023 China Ice Cream and Frozen Food Industry Expo (CCAE) will be held in Tianjin from September 22 to September 24, showcasing new products, technologies and achievements in the industry. The exhibition will join hands with many industry brands, integrate industrial resources, create an industry event integrating information exchange, technology display and trade negotiation, and provide a full range of services and support for the industry. Sinojoinsun is a professional food printing enterpris

Sinojoinsun will participate in the IBA 2023 in Munich!

Sinojoinsun will participate in the IBA 2023   in Munich, Germany from October 22 to 26, 2023, looking forward to your visit!   Sinojoinsun is an enterprise specializing in food printing consumables and mechanical equipment. The company is committed to becoming the most influential and competitive enterprise in China's food printing industry. Sinojoinsun has been focusing on food printing for more than fifteen years with the philosophy of providing bakers with the tools they need to achieve superior bakery   and enhance the refinement of food . IBA is the largest and most influential baking professional event in the industry, has become the most important display platform in the global baking industry. Germany IBA International Baking Expo has become the first choice for professional visitors in China and neighboring countries with its excellent quality and all-round service, and has become the vane of the global baking industry. Many internationally renowned brands, domestic and f

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day !

  The seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, commonly known as the Qixi Festival, is one of the most romantic festivals in traditional Chinese and the oldest festival, formed around the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods, and was already in full bloom in the Tang Dynasty. Set against the backdrop of the love story of the cowherd and weaver girl, Tanabata is a traditional festival full of romance. On this romantic day, we will choose some sweet little desserts. For example, macarons. If you can print a pattern on the macaron that suits the theme of Valentine's Day, it can help achieve higher sales of macarons.At the same time, we can also make Valentine's Day themed chocolate. MORE INFO:

How frosting biscuits enable creative printing?

  A4 flatbed food printer is a machine used to print color on food packaging, commonly used in food packaging. Food printers can also be used for biscuits, or for printing cakes directly. Food printers can help bakeries save costs, improve production efficiency, and improve food specificity, and the matching edible ink makes consumers more confident in purchasing products. Food printers can also be used to print other types of information, such as text, pictures, etc. Let's take a look at the printing effect of food printers. A4 flatbed food printer can print a variety of food products, such as biscuits, cakes, candies, etc. The products printed with edible ink are very realistic, vivid and clear. The ink used in food printers is food coloring, which is harmless to the human body and is an environmentally friendly ink. The products printed by the food printer are food-grade edible, and it is okay to eat them in the stomach. In addition, food printers can print high-quality printing

What is the application of chocolate transfer sheet?

 How to make chocolate color printing more convenient and fast, the pattern is high-definition aesthetic, which is from chocolate production and processing, chocolate raw materials, chocolate cake decorations, dessert shops, Internet chocolate sales and other customers, put forward new requirements for our food printing technology. The industry knows that the surface of chocolate is smooth, through edible ink direct jet printing, ink can not dry, pattern can not be attached, rubbing easy to blur, so the traditional chocolate printing mainly uses pad printing or transfer printing, but these methods often have a single color, monotonous pattern, resulting in low product grade. In order to break through the technical barriers of chocolate printing, we have specially developed a chocolate transfer film that enables food to be easily printed with patterns, thereby giving food a personalized and colorful pattern. It provides a powerful innovation tool for food production and sales enterprise

High Speed Food Printer Print Fun Pastries to Provide Printing Solutions for Factories

  Novel products can always attract people's attention first, and even make people have a strong desire to buy. Food Printing Technology high-speed food printer(FP-542-B) printed this cartoon pastry is a network red belt goods essential products, printing personalized patterns on the surface of the pastry, does not affect eating oh, the above pattern can be eaten together with food, printing supplies all ingredients can be eaten, safe and healthy, for food production enterprises food printing technology has all kinds of qualification certification can be provided, can be safe to use. The  high-speed food printer(FP-542-B) of Food Printing Technology has many advantages in printing patterns on pastries, which can help pastry manufacturers to open up a new sales channel. For example, pastries printed with patterns can be sold to coffee shops, making coffee companions and providing novel experiences to coffee consumers. Patterned pastry can also be individually packaged for gift boxes