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Markcare® 12 Colors Edible Markers Draw Edible Decorations Directly on Food Surfaces

It's the hot-selling Markcare® 12 colors edible markers. The edible ink pens can directly draw edible decorations, such as logos, icons, and pictures on surfaces of cakes, cookies, candies, pastries, bread, marshmallows, macarons, and other food. It's a good tool for making festival-customized food and also can be matched for a combination product that is fun for customers to DIY creative baked food. More information: Keywords: #ediblemarkers #Sinojoinsun #foodmarkers #ediblepens #edibleink #edibledecoration #foodpens #edibleimages #fooddecoration #edibleinkmarker
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Warmly Welcome Watching 5 Themes Webcast about Food Printing | SinoJoinsun™

  Would you want to know the new trend of edible printing technology for food decoration? Warmly welcome you to watch SinoJoinsun company's 5 live webcasts of  the Food Printing theme. You will get to know more information about food printing technology and focus on the newest launched products. Edible food printing technology has penetrated into the details of daily life and developed well.  At present, edible printing technology has been used in the new products of well-known food companies at home and abroad or in the new plan on the new products. Our cooperative companies are Unilever, Orion, Sanquan Food, Mr.LEEEEE, Chicecream, Candy Lab, Hongbaolai, etc.  Live webcast room: Time: 24th-31th March, 2022  12:00-13:59 (GMT+8) Themes: New Release:Food Printing Machines and Edible Ink Different Food Printing Machine  Types Food Printing consumables (Application and

Isomalt Lollipop Vs Sugar Lollipop | Delicious 3D, 4D Hand-crafted Lollipops

  Isomalt lollipops are very different from sugar lollipops.  1.  Character : Isomalt is sugar-free and therefore can be eaten by diabetics and won't cause tooth decay. Isomalt also has about half of the sweetness that sugar does and is lower in calories, which can help women to keep a good shape. 2.  Appearance : If no coloring is added, isomalt is usually transparent after heating, while granulated sugar is yellowish and will turn into a caramel color when the heating temperature is too high. Therefore, the isomalt lollipops are usually transparent and decorated edible images or petals into lollipops, while sugar lollipops are usually not transparent and added food coloring to be colorful and attractive. The edible photo isomalt lollipops and planet isomalt lollipops are very popular now. The edible images of isomalt lollipops are clear and delicate, which can't be compared with ordinary lollipops. Sinojoinsun™ yummy 3D, 4D isomalt lollipops Sinojoinsun™ isomalt lollipops hav

The Solutions of Largely Producing the Creative Edible Image Candies for Halloween

Many people like the Halloween holiday. There are many interesting activities. People will dress in bizarre costumes. Children will play trick-or-treating. So candies are essential in festivals. The creative personalized candies are popular on holidays. They can decorate festival-themed food and drink. (The edible image into lollipops printed by Filmcare® Edible film paper and Inkcare® Edible ink) The isomalt lollipop is popular now because that is 0 sugar and is good for our weight and health. The isomalt will become transparent when heated, so it can be made to many beautiful crystal photo lollipops. The personalized edible image lollipops are very hot-sale. The edible picture is usually printed with edible ink on the edible paper. The Filmcare® Edible film paper and Inkjet® Edible ink are highly recommended. Besides lollipops, chocolate lentils, gumballs, hard candies are also necessary. The candies can be printed with interesting edible images to decorate Halloween-themed cakes or

How to Choose A Good Edible Ink Marker | Food Pen?

Source: How to Choose A Good Edible Ink Marker | Food Pen? - Wuhan Sino Joinsun Now there are more and more people love baking. It's a happniess to DIY baking with your family, friend, children, or lover. Cake decorating is essential. When your cake need to be decorated in detail, you need some edible ink markers. Well, how to choose a good edible ink marker? 1. Ink safety "Food grade ink ≠ edible ink" , so you need to check the ink whether the ink of the pen is edible ink that can be used to paint directly on the surface of food to eat.  2. Writing performance The writing performance is also very important, because the lines that are not smooth or drying are likely to destroy the apprearance of your hard-to-make cookies or fondant cakes. You need to consider below points:  Ink adhesion   (Iines will retract or diffuse if it is not well) Line smoothness   (The images will be affected when the lines are not smooth) Color uniformity   (The images will be affected when the l

Edible Inks Increase the Safety of Paper Tablewares, Cups, and Straws

Original link: The environment-friendly paper tableware is replacing plastic tableware. No matter how your coffee or food yummy, the safety of the disposable tableware is crucial, and most of consumers will consider the food safety.  Printing is essential for beautifying and branding on paper cups, bowls, straws and plates. But it can also affect the safety of paper tablewares, extremely on straws. Sometimes the ink on a package can leak into the food material and risk the customer. Cases of recalled printed food packages because of ink leaks are many. In 2005, Nestle recalled over 30 million litres of babies milk after the leaching of printing ink. The milk packages used a UV curable ink. But, the Inkcare® edible ink can solve the problem.  The Inkcare® food grade edible ink meets FDA, ISO22000 standards, and can be verified as safe to eat by Intertek third-party test repo

Do you know how to make HD edible image chocolates?

  Chocolate is many people's favorite candy. The global chocolate consumption is expected to reach a total market size of US$182.090 billion by 2025, increasing from US$137.599 billion in 2019. Chocolate is one of the most consumed food products across the globe.    Moreover , to survive with the intensifying competition in the market, the chocolate vendors use different flavors such as ginger, lavender, and hibiscus among others to tempt customers into buying their variety of chocolate products. They also improve the apprearance of chocolate products to attract people to buy. To be honest, the lovely and nice chocolate actually arouses people's appetites.      There are many beautiful and creative upmarket chocolates are popular in the market. Chocolates can be decorated edible images. It will power the chocolate and increase the premium space.    How to make HD edible image photo chocolate?     Step1: Prepare the butterfly-shaped mold                             Step2: Melt c

The Famous Orion Choco Pie Also Choose Edible Image on Chocolate Pie :-)

 In order to welcome the brand new 2021, Orion has prepared a surprise by printing extensive and profound Chinese characters on the Orion·Pai, such as "good", "ok" and "can". They also set different New Year's wishes on the packaging of each pie, such as: "Will you become rich in 2021?""And "2021 will true love come?" "And" Will the year-end bonus double in 2021?" Wait for a problem. The event triggered many netizens to participate and punch in. Many netizens said that while they were pleasantly surprised, they also felt that Orion was very heartwarming. Many netizens believe that the same is brand localization. Compared with the practices of many other brands, it can be more felt that Orion is close to Chinese consumers and Chinese culture. From the analysis data on the popularity of the Orion brand, it can also be seen intuitively that after Orion announced the product update on December 31, 2020, the social me